Monday, August 31, 2009

Officially Back

So, my vacation stretched a little long, at least from this blog. I spent some time away from the kids, then The Princess broke her little elbow falling off the monkey bars while I was selling my knitted goods at a local festival. Of course, she broke it about two hours after my phone's battery died and I didn't find out until I got home just short of ten pm that night.

Then I spent a wonderful extra-long weekend at La Push beach on Washington's beautiful coast and stayed in Forks, which was an okay place despite the Twilight mania.

I have new photoshop brushes (hummingbirds!) and a few new recipes to post, including Carribean Crazy Prawn Tacos and Yummy Banana Bread that you can make with your bread machine.

I hope to be getting my store back online soon, but I'm going to be very busy writing my book. Here's to hoping I can make time for everything I want to be doing!

Look for the above updates soon. I hope to have at least one of the recipes up by the end of this week, with pictures.


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