Monday, October 19, 2009

Hats for Halloween!

Halloween is already on it's way, and if you're from the northern half of the planet your Halloween is probably going to be a bit on the chilly side. I'm sure mine will be!

Helping your child stay warm and stylishly costumed on Halloween can be difficult, especially when most costumes are made from cheap fabrics that aren't made to retain heat so much as prevent fires.

Here are some great hats for your little one to trick-or-treat in this Halloween!

The Little Ladybug Beanie is made of ultra-soft acrylic yarn and sports little green button eyes, antenna, and freehand crochet detail. Your little one will look wonderful in her ladybug costume with this hat to top it all off.

The Skully Aviator hat is made of super soft materials, is knitted by hand with freehand crochet detailing and will be a favorite for the cold season, before, during, and after Halloween.

The Stegosaurus Beanie is knitted with a "tail" flap on the back that extends the line of "plates" running in a ridge down the center of this super-fun hat. The eyes are hand-sculpted of polymer clay and sealed with a glossy protective coat for that scary-dino shine!

I also sell hats with mohawks, teddy bear ears, and can make a variety of other animal or even costume themed hats.

Please be sure to check out my stores on Artfire and on Etsy. Different specials are running on each.

Also know that I can happily take custom orders at no extra charge.

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