Saturday, November 7, 2009

Isn't It Cozy?

I love Autumn. I love even the sound of the word. Autumn. The change of leaves to burnt umber, gold, and scarlet. Home to my two favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. When I finally get to wear my wool pea coats, clunky leather boots, gloves, scarves, sweaters, and chunky slippers. A time for tea and hot cocoa. A time for family.

To celebrate this magical season I've created some beautiful cold weather gear that's sure to bring out the Autumn lover in you, too. Of course, what's not to love?

Click the pictures for links to each item in my Etsy Store.

Autumn Leaves Mini Cowl with Removable Orange Flower

A sweet, simple little cowlette knitted from super soft chenille yarn threaded with gold and red strands and accented by a cute little orange flower that can be removed, repositioned, or used to secure this little neck candy piece any way you'd like.

Creamy Super Soft Cowl with Red Rose Brooch

I don't really want to sell this one, but I know if I love it as much as I do then you will too. And who am I to deny you this beautiful knitted piece? Created from a strand of baby-soft buttery yellow yarn with a satin finish and a strand of brushed acrylic in tones of cream and mocha. The finishing touch is a deep crimson rose crocheted from the silkiest acrylic yarn and accented with three autumn orange leaves. The center is elegantly complimented with three upcycled faux pearl beads securely sewn to the center. The back has a piece of stiffened felt for stability and a convenient brooch pin so you can position the rose as you like or attach it to something else entirely.

Spring Green Super Soft Cowl with Yellow Rose Brooch

This green cowl is knit from two strands of a variegated boulce. Slouchy, sweet, and soft it's drool worthy and works double duty as not only a cozy, cold weather piece but a fashionable neck accent in its own right. The rose brooch is crocheted from buttery yellow acrylic yarn with green leaves and has a center accented with three tiny green glass beads and one larger orange toned glass bead. The backing is stiffened felt and a brooch pin. What more could you want?

Waste-Not Want-Scarf Multicolor Multi-texture Scarf

Personally, my favorite piece. Knitted from all the scraps I accumulate making my variety of items, the Waste-Not Want-Scarf is not only extremely edgy and stylish, it's eco friendly. Without this scarf, all these yarn scraps would be filling a land fill somewhere. I carefully knot each piece together until I have a ball large enough to knit one of these completely unique, nine-foot long scarves. No two are ever alike and it takes a good long while to collect enough scraps to make just one. I've currently just finished a ball of scraps so I can finally make a scarf like this of my own.

That's the update for what's going on in my shop right now. I've added a few other items I haven't featured here but I'll be getting to those soon enough. I should be sharing my new line of hair accessories in the very near future and the next batch will be sporting a gorgeous selection of feathers I recently procured from Pegasus22 Crafts and Destash over at Etsy. If you love feathers as much as I do, you should check out her wonderful shop.

Thanks for stopping by.

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