Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Procrastination: Finally Getting Inspired for Valentine's

As a single parent, I'm going to have to admit that Valentine's Day rarely looks like the lovey-dovey day of romantic bliss that other people are going to be experiencing. Not that V-Day with the monsters, er... kids, isn't great. What with heart shaped cookies, and sticky cards, and shoebox mail boxes. I just can't get that excited about my kids being all hyped up.

But this year, I'm actually kinda feelin' it. Maybe it's my reunion with the Dolla and recognizing a reason for people to spend money, but I have been feeling rather Valentine Crafty lately.

Last night I finished this crochet rose brooch and I'm dying to keep it. Hopefully that means someone is dying to buy it.

Key to the Rose Garden - Crochet Brooch

Key to the Rose Garden - Crochet Red Rose Brooch by Thoris Designs on Etsy

I just got these fantastic chrome pinking sheers off eBay and they cut through my suede leather like a hot knife through butter. All the beads and jewelry bits (except the antique style safety pin) came from the local vintage and thrift shop, as did that fabulous chunky red acrylic/wool blend yarn that the rose is crocheted out of. I used a generous piece of stiffened felt for the backing and sewed a hinged brooch pin to the back. I love how sturdy the whole piece feels without losing its femininity. Excuse my ego, but I'm pretty proud of this one.

But not just what I've done, look what someone else is doing!

Once again, my favorite blog, Little Birdie Secrets, is sharing something awesome with all of us.

This Thursday, February 4, (tomorrow? tomorrow!) the lovely ladies of Little Birdie Secrets will be having their first meet-and-greet at Lasting Memories Scrapbooks in Lynnwood, Washington.

We'll be making the Valentine garland pictured in the notice above. How fun is that? I'll be sure to blog all about it on Friday.

Also, from the Little Birdies I learned how to crochet hearts yesterday and I'm just brimming with ideas about what I can do with them. They had a wonderful video tutorial that made learning to crochet the hearts super easy. If you'd like to watch the video, check out their awesome tutorial blog post right here.

Hope to see you tomorrow night in Lynnwood.

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