Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad Dejah: No Time Like The Present

I could make a number of excuses about why I haven't blogged in (gasp!) over a month, but I won't. Life happened. Blah blah blah. You don't care and shouldn't. So let's just get down to business!

Spring is in the air, and I don't know how it's going in your state, but Western Washington is all about it and has been for a while. An early spring has inspired me to try working with some new materials, namely cotton.

Perfect for all weather and all ages, I've started working with this awesome fiber and the results are very pleasing. Here's a few examples of what I've been making:

Trek - Cotton Knit Beanie in Sunshine and Clouds
Trek - Cotton Knit Beanie in Sunshine and Clouds by ThorisDesigns

Trek - Cotton Knit Beanie in Olives and Clouds
Trek - Cotton Knit Beanie in Olives and Clouds by Thoris Designs

I also knitted up some adorable 0-9 months sized ear flap beanies that would make great baby shower gifts or just something sweet for your own little one. Light weight yet warm, these cotton caps are perfect for spring showers and those slightly chillier summer days that are sure to come.

Napal - Cotton Knit Ear Flap Beanies
Napal - Cotton Knit Ear Flap Beanie Infant/Baby by Thoris Designs

The only colors I'm showing right now are Sunshine Yellow, Clouds Cream, and Olive Green, but I have other yarn colors and can knit these hats in just about any color you'd like.

Stay tuned for more cotton hats. I have a few that I need to photograph and get listed and they'll be coming soon. Next on my list of things-to-do is hair clips that reflect the coming spring and summer seasons. Hurrah!

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