Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Monday, Go Away

And so he has. It's just about eleven in the pm here in beautiful, balmy, spring-time Western Washington, where, I might remind you, we are having the best weather in the country. I'm loving it.

Being in the Puget Sound area, we don't always experience all four seasons. We have variations of rain days and a short summer. We have freezing rain season. We have blooming rain season. We have muggy rain season, and then messy-leafy rain season.

However, the past few years have been surprisingly... well, seasonal. This year we seemed to have skipped a true winter all together (except for a frighteningly cold few weeks where no one's thermometers moved over twenty degrees) and dove straight into spring. I'm really hoping that doesn't mean we skip summer and go straight into fall. We cleared triple digits regularly last summer, and I'm just fine with that.

I love the seasons. I love the shift and change and enjoy every one and am always excited for the next. Right now, I love spring. I can smell it in the air and witness it in the blooms of the trees and the early appearance of flowers. I can go out with nothing more than a light sweater and a scarf in my bag.

To celebrate this glorious coming of rebirth and life, I'd like to share some of my favorite Etsy finds.

Felted slippers by aureliaLT
Felted slippers - Handmade to Order by aureliaLT

So Long, Marianne Mini Dress by iheartfink
So Long, Marianne Mini Dress by iheartfink

Vintage Birds Postcard Garland by VintageScraps
Vintage Birds Postcard Garland by VintageScraps

and a shameless plug...

Snapshot of some new items in my shop...
Front Page of ThorisDesigns on Etsy March 22, 2010

Items pictured include (left to right, top to bottom) Sweetcake Beanie, Tom Kitten Beanie, Rosie Rabbit Beanie, Bonnie Hood, Cabernet Rose Brooch, Victorian Ruffles Scarflette, Franklin Turtle Earflap Beanie, Ladybug Beanie, Sweetcake Beanie (in all greens).

Those are all the items you can see above the fold (advertising speak, darlings) on my front page right now, but there are lots more great items just waiting to go home with you.

Happy Spring!

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