Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recipe Review: Sloppy Joe Turnovers from Little Birdie Secrets

My first post! I'll probably be trying a lot of things from these ladies in the future, but this first time I tried their recipe for Sloppy Joe Turnovers.

They were simple to make with easy-to-find ingredients and even my unbelievable picky-eater daughter loved them and asked for seconds. I can't get that kid to eat anything.

I hope you will try this recipe out for yourself. I used it for dinner tonight with a side of corn-on-the-cob, but it would make a great party snack.

Thank you, Little Birdie Secrets, for sharing this great recipe.


  1. SO glad you liked them! They are definitely a favorite at my house! And thanks for posting about it. We hope you continue to find more great ideas from us.
    Little Birdie Secrets

  2. Hurray! Thanks so much for this post. Your turnovers look so yummy!! I love your blog header. How adorable!! stacy

  3. I love that recipe too. SO freaking yummy! I'm making it again tonight, for like the 4th time now! LOL!!


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