Sunday, January 3, 2010

Julie & Julia: When Movies and Cooking Collide

This isn't a blog about the rest of my "normal" life, or about movies (which I also love, but only watch while I'm knitting these days), but it is a blog about crafting and cooking, and viola! two of my loves have collided in the new (new to me, because I have neither the time nor the money to go see a movie at the cinema) movie Julie & Julia, starring the superbly talented Meryl Streep and one of my favorite new actresses, Amy Adams (isn't she adorable?).

I loved this movie. Really. So much that I had to blog that I loved it. What an inspiration to all of us out there, struggling to realize a dream that we may have given up on. And the food! Oh, the food! I'm so hungry right now! I've never read Julia Child's cook book, but I've always loved seeing her on television and have always meant to pick up a copy of her book. Now I must do it.

Obviously, blogging my adventures with Julia's cookbook is out of the question (great idea done already), but once I get the book I'll be sure to share how much fun I'm having with it. Mmm. Butter.

PS - Aren't I clever? I just found the original blog that started it all, created a nifty little button, and linked right up to the first entry. I've been too poor to buy a new book to read for months; now I'll have something to pick up and read. How fun.

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